The Five Most Popular Patron Saint Medals

Published: 26th May 2010
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Wearing a gold or silver medal of your favorite patron saint is a very accepted thing to do in today's world. You can either keep your medal in your wallet, on a bracelet, or around your neck on a chain. People enjoy wearing patron saint medals because it makes them feel closer to that particular saint. Other people's favorite patron saint is just the saint that their parents named them after at birth. Some patron saints tend to be more beloved by the masses than others, and these patron saints tend to have more people wearing their medals because of this.

5.) Saint Patrick - Saint Patrick is one of the most popular patron saint medals to wear mostly due to St. Patrick's Day, which falls on March 17th every year. This holiday is his feast day, but it is much more celebrated then most other saints' feast days are. His feast day has been turned into more of an Irish Holiday than a celebration of his feast. His feast day is basically just an Irish Holiday because he is the patron saint of Ireland due to all the great things he brought to the country. Saint Patrick was not Irish born, he was from Britain, but he was kidnapped early in his life and made into a slave in Ireland. His masters were Druids who had no religion, just as most of Ireland was at the time. Saint Patrick found solace in praying to God almost non-stop throughout his days working. Patrick developed a very close relationship with God, and one night God told him through a dream that he must get to the coast of Ireland. When Patrick did so he found sailors there going to Britain who were more than happy to bring Patrick back with them. Patrick knew God had meant for that event to happen, and it inspired him to become a priest when he returned to Britain. Patrick made a great priest and was also ordained a bishop. Patrick went back to Ireland and vowed to make Christians of the pagans who had once enslaved him. Patrick successfully converted thousands of Irish to Christianity.

4.) Saint Thomas Aquinas - Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of knowledge and education. His feast day is celebrated on January 28th every year. Saint Thomas was arguably the finest theologian the Catholic Church has had ever. Thomas took an interest in becoming a monk when he was of age to decide what he wanted to do with his life. His family tried to intercede and change his mind, but Thomas was set on giving his life to God. Saint Thomas Aquinas joined the Order of Saint Dominic and it was there that he would study and learn so much from the very wise Saint Albert the Great.

3.) Saint John the Baptist - An older couple named, Zachary and Elizabeth got word from the angel Gabriel that they would be having a child even though it was not common for people their age to still be having children. Their son would turn out to be Saint John the Baptist, who was the very last prophet featured in the Bible before the coming of Jesus. In fact, Saint John the Baptist was the one who baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan. Saint John died for being so well known for being one with God. The king felt threatened by John and his powers so he had him captured and killed to end that threat.

2.) Saint Michael - Saint Michael has his feast day in September each year on the 29th. Saint Michael is the Archangel that led heaven's forces in the battle against Satan. He was a large reason for the victory that heaven won. He was very good at protecting people and that is why police officers have Saint Michael as their patron saint.

1.) Saint Christopher - Saint Christopher is number one on this list because of how often he is featured on different medals. He has simple medals of just him with his name, but it is more common to see Saint Christopher featured on medals of different sports and games. Saint Christopher was a martyr like many other patron saints are. He once helped Jesus cross a terribly dangerous river, but had not idea that it was the son of God that he was helping. Jesus appeared as a boy and Christopher carried him across the river, despite the bone-crushing weight that was affecting him. Jesus told Christopher on the other side who he was and why he had been so heavy. Christopher had felt the weight of all the world on top of his shoulders while carrying Jesus.

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